Schedule & Results



Junior Grand Prix Poland
Gdansk, Poland
Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2021

Junior Grand Prix Austria
Linz, Austria
Oct. 6-9, 2021


 2021-2022 SEASON

Short Program
: “Dixie Biscuits” by Tape Five

Free Skate: “Je suis Malade” performed by Lara Fabian

Choreography: Randi Strong (SP), Trudy Oltmanns (FS)

Costume Maker:

9th – Cranberry Cup International (Senior)

2020-2021 SEASON

Short Program
:“Dixie Biscuits” by Tape Five

Free Skate: “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion

Choreography: Randi Strong, Trudy Oltmanns

Costume Maker: LADU

1st – U.S. Championships (Junior)
1st – Junior/Senior Virtual Challenge
1st – Int’l Selection Pool Points Challenge

2019-2020 SEASON

Short Program
:“Kiss of Fire” by Hugh Laurie

Free Skate: “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles

Choreography: Rohene Ward (SP) and Trudy Oltmanns (FS)

Costume Maker: REST Costumes (SP) and LADU (FS)

10th – World Junior Championships
2nd – U.S. Championships (Junior)
2nd – Golden Spin of Zagreb (Junior)
3rd – U.S. Pairs Final (Junior)
7th – Junior Grand Prix Russia 

2018-2019 SEASON

Short Program
:“Hey Big Spender” by Janice Hagan

Free Skate: “My Immortal” by Evanescence

Choreography: Trudy Oltmanns

Costume Maker: LADU 

3rd – U.S. Championships (Novice)
2nd – Eastern Sectionals (Novice)